May 4, 2016: Rain Moss

It is raining hard and I go out to climb after picking Emme and Claire up from school.  It is a rain pants day, cold and windy.  I bring out the good camera.  I don’t have many photographs in the rain, because of the challenge of concentrating on photography while navigating slippery branches, and for fear of damaging the camera.  I am able to get some good pictures of water droplets suspended from twigs with rain slashing down in the background.  Also of an outcropping of bark from which water, coursing down the trunk of the tree, gathers to fat drops and then falls.  I catch several drops frozen in mid-air against the green and mossy bark behind it.

The water streams through moss like floodwaters through copses of trees.  Later, I will wonder what this water tastes like.  Does it taste of bark and moss?  Next time I will place my mouth under this small outcropping, this promontory of bark, with its miniature waterfall.